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Commercial and Industrial Skylights Repairs and Replacement

Commercial Skylights Melbourne is a branch of a family owned business that has been operating in roofing for 50 years.

If your commercial or industrial property has a leaky roof, quite often it is due to old and cracked skylight sheets. It is important to address the issue as soon as possible as a leaky roof can cause damage to your property, stock, plant & equipment and may even effect your ability to claim on your insurance.

One of our most popular products are our commercial and industrial fibreglass skylight sheets.  These skylight sheets are designed to provide natural light to your workplace while also protecting if from the elements.  Made from high-quality Australian made materials, these skylight sheets are durable, long-lasting and require minimal maintenance - with up to 25 years manufacturers warranty.

If you are experiencing a roof leak, or simply want to increase light into your workplace, don't wait to address the issue.  Our team of experienced roofing professionals can help you find the perfect solution for your property.  We offer a range of roofing services, including repairs, replacement, maintenance and installation, to ensure that your property remains safe, secure and protected.
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We have the expertise and experience to get the job done right:

On Time
On Budget

Our skylight installment and replacement jobs always:

Use Quality Australian made materials that are compliant to the Australian Standards.
Quick turnaround from start to finish of job, no matter how big or small.
Little, if any, interruption to business operations.
Reliable and efficient with ongoing communication regarding job process and progress.
10 Year Warranty on labour.
VBA Certificate of Compliance issued.
10-25 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Materials.
Leave a clean and tidy workspace and roof area.
Answer any questions regarding materials, process, safety or anything else regarding the skylight replacement/installment works.

Save $ On Your Energy Costs & Improve Employee Efficiency

Big $'s will be saved on your Energy Costs (light and temperature), just by replacing your old, dark skylights.

New skylights provide diffused light with low heat transmission. Factories,  warehouses, shopping centres, schools, gymnasiums and sports stadiums are prime examples of buildings where heat reduction sheeting is beneficial. In fact, if skylight sheets are replaced with quality fibreglass sheets, transmitted temperatures and glare are reduced and air-conditioning & heating efficiency is improved significantly.  

Commerical & Industrial Skylights also are the perfect way to maximise natural light and create a more energetic and happier workplace for your staff.

Skylights are proven to go a great distance in improving the quality of every workers day. Consider the cost incurred from poor health of your staff, and the direct benefits resulting from the introduction of daylight into the work environment. 
The key to having a comfortable work workplace, is the quality of environment you’re walking into. 

Harsh artificial light will cast a shadow over the productivity and overall health of Australian workers.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that sickness and absenteeism costs organisations an estimated $2,700 per employee in Australia each year. When indirect costs are factored in, people missing work because of the poor quality of the workplace environment, costs around $5m for every 1,000 employees.

Considering the cost incurred from poor health, and the direct benefits resulting from the introduction of daylight into the workplace, it could be a perfect time to switch off the lights and let us put some extra shine on your workplace.
Installing skylights in your factory or warehouse can also increase its value and appeal to potential buyers or tenants. The natural light that skylights provide can make spaces look brighter and more inviting, which is a major selling point in the competitive property market.

If you a business owner that has been wondering “where can I find commercial skylight installation services near me?” - Get in touch with us today by calling 1300 848 350 or contact us online.

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Ampelite Fibreglass & Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Ampelite is one of Australia’s best manufacturers of fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheets. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, this Melbourne based company has you covered.

At Commercial Skylights Melbourne, we only use Ampelite fibreglass and polycarbonate roofing products for new and replacement installations. With up to 25 years warranty on their premium products, we know that we have you covered for the long hall.
Lightweight, cost-effective and durable, our skylight range is ideal for commercial and industrial buildings
Reduce overall energy consumption for lighting
Promote employee energy and productivity with the direct influence of daylight
We supply all materials, profiles and products to suit your needs. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it
Commercial Skylights Melbourne supports you through the entire replacement and installation process – paying extra attention to your specific needs
We listen and help you select the best, safest possible solution for your business, making sure it’s properly installed, well-functioning and maintained.
We are committed to guiding you quickly and smoothly through your commercial skylight replacement project

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Skylight Replacement Dandenong
Skylight Replacement Braeside
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Only 100% Australian Made and Owned Materials Used with the Most Competitive Pricing Available in Australia.

Our Materials are:
  • Premium Grade with the Highest Quality Products (up to 70 profiles)
  • Industrial Strength Fibreglass with low thermal expansion.
  • Polycarbonate Solasafe Sheeting with 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Thermoclear Multi Wall with concealed fixing.
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